Ghaf group of companies are engaged in the fields of import, export and production of Tempered glasses.

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Company goals:

Trustworthiness and confidentiality of business affairs of merchants, maintaining the economic and financial security of importers and respectable traders, honesty, speed and accuracy in executive operations, determining the value and price of clearance according to customs tariffs, timely provision of information to the owner of goods, delivery and clearance of goods in the shortest possible time, use of modern methods of electronic communication to accelerate the transfer of information.


By entering the field of production in various fields, Ghaf Group Companies aims to help improve living conditions for the dear people of our country. Among the benefits of production, we can mention the creation of employment, the reduction of the final price of the product for the consumer, the increase in the quality of goods and the reduction of inflation due to the increase in production and the balancing of supply and demand.


Export means the departure of goods from the customs department of the country to be sent to other countries. In customs procedures, exports are classified into two types: definitive export and temporary export. You can benefit from high speed and reasonable cost by accompanying Qaf group of companies in all stages of exporting your goods to all parts of the world.


Import is one of the most important areas of international trade and commerce. The production of some goods cannot be done easily due to the lack of facilities or the diversity of the geographical location of the countries, that is why the governments turn to imports to meet the needs of the society. Qaf group of companies is trying to provide suitable conditions for importing all kinds of goods for you dear ones.

About us

The core of the Ghaf group of companies has started its activity in the field of import in 2016, and now the group of Ghaf companies has the following brand names: Shayan Tejarat Ata, Kiyan Zagros Pasargad, Rahyab Bazargan Sheyda, Tose’e Raimand Amitis, Arya Tejarat Aynaz They are engaged in the fields of import, export and production. This group has always put “correctness in performance” at the top of its agenda and therefore has recorded “good reputation in the market” in its record.

The services we provide:

Production, import, export, clearance of goods, purchase of goods

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